Book 2 – The Fiasco in School

The Fiasco Series

The Fiasco follows Adam Millard, disaster magnate and troubled soul in a world full of super powered people, aliens, mystical mambo jumbo, and searches for validation. Heroes are perfect people. Villains are often more complicated than simply seeking the end of times or money. Great powers walk the world that no one dares interfere with, and of course, Adam, a man who should have died dozens of times over. Where ever he goes, problems follow, and he’s doomed to survive.


In School

I’m almost dating a real live girl who isn’t the product of time loops, insane faerie magic, or a computer geek playing with dolls. Alice is pure flesh and blood with an alter ego that’s a little off-kilter. Don’t worry, that’s almost normal in my neck of the woods. She wants to find her parents and I’ve promised to help. I know what it’s like to miss family.

Then Walker asks me to put my unique outlook into action by helping mentor a bunch of world ignorant children in the premier powered college. I say yes, like a dummy in need of validation. Now I’ve got to figure out lessons, plan a field trip for the up-and-coming plus an end of semester quiz that comprises thirty percent of their grade. I doubt they’ll let me assign a final to punch General in the face.

As always, life goes from bad to worse as the caretaker of Hotel California arrives one dark and stormy night. The creature she’s in charge of is threatening to break loose and only a true immortal can stop it. My power has proven unstoppable thus far, so why not?

School competitions, memory wipes, family drama from the mamas and an eldritch horror that likes to eat the souls of normal people. Who in their right mind expects me to handle all this nonsense?

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