Shutterfly Freebie Codes, Continue Online and Royal Scales Talks

Hi there and long time no post! I have a couple reasons for posting today: 2 Free codes to use at for a 20-standard page 8×8 hard photo cover book, discussing Continue Online and Royal Scales plans for publishing and anything else I may think of while writing!

The codes are a first come first served basis, PLEASE leave a comment if you’ve used one of the codes so I can cross them out or remove them from the post, they expire TODAY so you must use them or lose them 😉 The fine print on the cards for these codes state “Taxes, shipping and handling will apply”. Codes are no longer available, expired on 08/31/16.

1st code: KB2U-07YB-F7Z9-P8H9EM

2nd code: KB2U-0E9E-ZRDG-GKT5NE


Now onto Continue Online, as you know book 4 was published earlier this month and has not received its professional editing yet. I know we did this backward as far as publishing and then editing but I promise that the remaining four will be done by the same person who edited book 1 and you won’t have to pay for the edited version(if that wasn’t already obvious) you will, however, have to contact Amazon customer service to “unlock” your account to update to the latest version. Stephan or I will post on the front page of the blog to let you know when the edits are completed and then uploaded to Amazon. For those of you curious, book 5 of Continue will be professionally edited BEFORE being published(yay we’re gonna do it right this time lol!) in late December possibly early January, it depends on how quick our editor gets done with the edits and then to the proofreader for a final run-through. All 4 remaining books are being edited starting in November(that’s the earliest opening she had). So unless something opens up sooner, that’s the current timeline for editing.

Royal Scales… well I found another editor I liked and book 1 is currently being edited, I’ve also submitted to this editor a request for Royal Scales book 2 and most likely book 3 will follow that and will be published AFTER being professionally edited(yay again!). Stephan and I also decided that since these books haven’t found traction by being in Amazon KDP select that we are going WIDE with distribution of this series, so they will be available through Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Kobo, Smashwords, etc… to see if we can generate interest.

Also, I would love reader opinions on audio books, do you guys listen to audio books? Do you think Continue Online would be good as an audio book? Royal Scales?

I’ve been toying around with CreateSpace as well as we’ve been thinking about doing a print version of Continue Online, with the testing I’ve done so far, the text box displays actually look quite nice in the print preview which was the only part we were concerned about – would they show up/be doable? The answer looks like a yes.

Please feel free to leave comments/questions/concerns!!!