Continue Online Book 2 Release to Amazon and Upcoming Giveaway!!!

It is with great anticipation that I am awaiting an email from our cover artists, we are scheduled to have our cover process begin today and are super excited to see the outcome of said project which will then allow the release of Continue Online Book 2 to Amazon! I imagine if this person nails the look and feel we’re trying to go for with Book 2 that we’ll be seeing a release of the book within two weeks!(knock on wood).

Stephan will obviously make an official announcement a few days prior to the release, in addition, we have a few special events happening!

First – Continue Online Book 1 will be made free on Amazon for a limited time, I’m not sure how many days he’ll have it up for free but it’ll be your chance to download the first book in all its updated/99.9% fixed spelling/grammar glory, woo!

Second – We are planning an Amazon Giveaway!!!

We’re going to be giving away 5 copies of Royal Scales Once Lost Lords Kindle Edition! I’m not sure which way we should go as far as how you can enter, we can either select for entrants to follow Stephan on Twitter or for entrants to follow his Amazon author page, what do you readers think would be more beneficial? I’m leaning towards his Amazon author page.


Either way, when these two events are happening they will be announced so you can be in the know and enter to win and download Continue Online Book 1 for free(remember this is a limited time event so don’t miss out!!!)

Thank you all for being super supportive and leaving comments on chapters, it means a lot to the both of us, and especially to those who go out of their way to post links to his WordPress on Reddit (Genisyn and Calavente) you all have been a tremendous help in promoting his books, thank you!