The Other Half

Hi there! My name is Samantha(Sam for short), please read the blurb below:

I used to call myself the editor/proofreader of Stephan’s stories. Sadly I realized(and am quite humbled by) true blue professional editors blow me out of the water with their level of skill and craft, as we found out by hiring a professional editor to edit Book 1 of Continue Online, she did an incredible job and as such she will be doing the remaining 4 books of Continue Online. While I will still comb over Stephan’s stories when I get a chance, we are no longer going to make the mistake of publishing without having a professional editor go over the work first, you guys deserve to have an amazing reading experience free of mistakes especially if you are paying for the books.

With my dreams dashed at being an editor, I discovered I truly enjoy being his marketing person. My focus will be promoting his books and blog, I will continue to post here from time to time, as you can see from the timeline of posts it’s infrequent and erratic but if inspiration strikes the outcome will be posted here.

2/9/2016 – To Judge a Book by its Cover

3/4/2016 – Continue Online Book 2 Release to Amazon and Upcoming Giveaway!!!

8/31/16 – Shutterfly Freebie Codes, Continue Online and Royal Scales Talks

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