Runed Rogue (A Liar Called)

A Liar Called

In modern day, something tears away humanity from their comfortable homes and late night televisions and puts them in a deadly new world. One that looks human, but isn’t. Small terrors walk the streets at night. Local supermarkets have been turned into monster generating machines. Vending machines will trade “debt” for food and water, but won’t hesitate to eat people who dare shake them too hard. There are secrets in the world, and finding them is risky.

Runed Rogue

Lance journals his experiences in the new world, everything from how he got caught up in the transportation to a new world, fighting to survive, and exploring his powers. He explains the secrets he’s told, gives hints on what’s to come, and shares how he’s survived in a world where everyone wants to kill him, or use his strength for their own ends.

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