River – T.V. Show Review


Score: 5/5

Hold onto your horses, I’m about to go full on frothing at the mouth, soapbox, ranting homeless guy on a street corner at you. River’s acting is fan-forking-tastic. I’m not kidding. There are a few reasons but it’s mostly the acting.

We’ll start with the basic outline—River, the main character—talks to dead people. Not in a ‘psychic crime solver’ method, but in he knows he’s delusional and is functional about it. In his mind these dead people he talks to are asking to have their crimes solved, stories told, and mysteries uncovered. They only stop ‘haunting’ him when he solves the problem.

Here’s why I foam at the mouth—the main actor made this series for me through a very human and emotional breakdown that embedded itself into my mind as the most well done moment I’d seen on television in years. It simply won all the internet accolades I have to give (which is a 5 star).

It’s a short single series. There aren’t a lot of episodes putting it somewhere between a movie and full American TV series. For those thrown off, the UK region loves shorter cop drama seasons versus the US where we have Bones going on for 20 episodes in a season.

However, if you enjoy a cop drama with a twist that doesn’t involve the main bad guy – but rather the protagonist, River is a good show to watch. I’ve ranted at many a soul about it and have yet to hear any bad responses from those who go watch it.

But I might be too busy shouting from my soapbox to hear any naysayers.



  1. I’ve seen it advertised but never watched it, I was afraid it might be too scary. Is it similar to ‘Ghost Whisperer’? I started watching that one, but it got too scary so I stopped after a couple of season. I’m a bit of a baby, lol.

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