T.V. Show Review – Dark Matter

Spaceships, Mercs, and Corporate overlords. All can be found in Dark Matter




There’s a few neat ideas about this show. First we have a crew of people with no memory of their lives prior to waking up on a ship from stasis pods. Great. Good. I’m sold with the fact that the machine deleted their minds while they were out. As a premise for viewers to learn about the characters, with the characters, and still have half a dozen secrets for back story fodder—I’m super on board.

Each one of them has fairly clear personality markers despite being memory wiped. That’s interesting. The stories that link them together and the overplot are fun. Honestly, the first two seasons aren’t even about a grand destiny being thrust upon this motley crew of possible savages—it’s about them trying to come to grips with who they were and comparing that to who’ve they’ve become since the wipe. That is fascinating.

Now, most of the episode tropes are standard space fare—but I’ll cover a few neat ones. One of the crew members is essentially an outcast prince from a space samurai clan. That’s awesome. Another is essentially a gunslinger for hire. One’s half a ninja and tactical mastermind who may or may not be entirely human.

The list goes on. There isn’t a single character of the original crew that I didn’t find interesting. Now as the series goes on, they feel free to kill off a few. This made the rest of the plot even more interesting because now the crew has to decide what to do about the other forces out there opposing them.

And let me be clear, I don’t normally like space anything. Space bores me. There’s so much of it. Star Trek? Ngh. Dark Matter? Yes, please. Where’s season 4, 5, and 6?

Episodes available for purchase on Amazon


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