Samantha’s Game Recommendation – World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion (PC) 8-1-2016

As those of you who have read or are reading Continue Online, you’ll find there have been several ‘easter eggs’ throughout the books. They aren’t running rampant and some are so subtle that I’ve even missed them, but the ones that have stood out to be have been from video games. Most notably(to me) are the World of Warcraft(WoW) references, I giggle every. dang. time! While a lot of people feel video games are a waste of time, they were a very helpful escape for me, some place I could get away and not be me for awhile, thus the appeal of Continue Online for me and maybe a lot of you too? I honestly stopped playing WoW for over a year last year, it’s that dead zone or lull between expansions that gets a lot of people and it finally got to me, plus I was pretty much focused on supporting Stephan and Continue Online’s releases-I was so proud and happy that he FINALLY put himself out there as it’s a pretty big step because he’s vulnerable to the public and their thoughts which have been a mix of good and bad, but it has helped him in the long run, he reads, he learns, he continues to write.

Anywho, I digress, the point of the matter is his writing actually got me back into playing WoW along with the fact that their newest expansion is being released as of August 30th, so I wanted to ‘catch up’ with my characters and get back into the game. It has been enjoyable when I’m able to play, however as some of you may know I am going to have our second child fairly soon(estimated due date August 21st!). I doubt I will be in a frame of mind to play video games of any kind, just figures with the timing, right? Haha. If you’re into the MMOs; World of Warcraft has my highest recommendation and I’ve tried LOTS of MMOs ranging from F2P to subscription and I always end up finding my way back to WoW.

I would definitely give it a try and I can’t wait to get into it myself, but that may be awhile… Thanks, honey! (j/k)


World of Warcraft Expansion: Legion
World of Warcraft Expansion: Legion

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