Rune Factory 4 – Game Review



Score 5/5

I know this is an older game (released October 1, 2013 in the U.S.) however it is a goodie still! It has massive replay value which is important since the company that created/made this series has gone out of business.

If you’ve never played any of the games in this series(I would play them all IMO) that’s ok! This is one of those game that you can jump into easily and enjoy it for what it is – a farm simulation meets dungeon crawling at your discretion. You have full control on how you want to play, be a farmer, woo all the men/women or just that one special guy/gal that catches your fancy!

I was and still am a longtime player of the Harvest Moon series (which recently turned into Story of Seasons… it’s a long story and maybe I’ll cover in another post) where you build a farm, grow crops and eventually get married and have kid(s) plus I love most RPGs so this game is a no-brainer for types like me.

Being able to play as a male or female character is huge, for the longest time is was strictly male protagonists in both Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, let me tell you, there were some awkward times being a girl playing a guy pursuing another girl… try saying that three times fast!

Another great addition that wasn’t in previous installments is the fact that your house also doubles as a storefront! No more having to wait for items in the shipping bin to be shipped off to earn money(though you can still do this as an option), just stock your store and stand in the store front and wait for customers. The cute part and what added a little complexity to this is you can level up your sales skills which opens additional interaction options such as: convincing the person to pay more, offering up a discount, etc.

There are numerous options, stories, monsters, vegetables & fruits, monster pets and depth to this game that you will more than get your money’s worth for years to come, I purchased this game when it first released and put many, many hours into it then and a few years later put further hours into it because I remembered just how fun and engaging the game and story is.

You can check it out on Amazon to see all the glowing reviews if my disjointed review left you wanting more information.

~On Samantha’s Must Play List~