Ever Oasis – Game Review

Ever Oasis Nintendo 3DS

It’s rare for me to buy a game sent in a newsletter, but that’s exactly what happened in this case. I’m signed up to receive Nintendo newsletters and this little gem showed up in the latest email from them. I was drawn by the cute characters and the offer of a free demo and decided what the heck! I’ll download it and give it a shot. My initial impression from the demo led me purchasing it because I’m a sucker for town management type games that cross with dungeon crawling, this definitely fits the bill!

Brief intro

Due to circumstances, you team up with a water spirit, and strive to create an oasis for those wandering a seemingly endless desert filled with animals tainted by the growing Chaos.


  • You can pick a male or female character! I know I’ve talked about this before, but games that give you the option to be either sex is important to me, women play video games too!
  • Oasis management, you literally have to expand your oasis, add shops to lure other travelers in the desert and satisfy their ‘demands’ in order to make them a permanent resident of your oasis.
  • Unlimited (sort of) inventory. No micro management of selling items to make room, the catch to this is you are limited in the amount of healing items you can synth and take with you.
  • Synthesizing items – in your section of the oasis you have a literal tree house and on the top floor you’ll eventually receive a plant that will create items from the loot you get from dungeons and monsters. It even has a cute cut scene which you can (thankfully) skip when it no longer amuses you.
  • It doesn’t happen with every new resident, but after 1-2 new ones, you’ll get a message saying your oasis is ready to ‘level-up’ you have to talk to your water spirit buddy and the two of you will use your combined powers to upgrade the oasis. Depending on the level your oasis will expand in size so you can add more shops or the level-up will increase your hit points (HP).
  • Fun shop management – when you build a resident’s shop you will be tasked with supplying them with crafting items so they can stock the items they sell to visitors and then you collect the currency from the shops.

There are SO many fun things I could put on this list but I’ll leave it for you to explore, plus I’d never finish with this post if I wrote everything I enjoy about this game! It’s great.



  • This may be merely nit picky or something that needs time to adapt to, but when facing certain dungeons there are puzzles to solve that require characters with certain skill sets. Often times I found myself having to leave the dungeon, return to my oasis and find a resident who had the particular skill to unlock the puzzle so I could advance forward. Again, this is not a deal breaker for me and it offers an interesting change/take to dungeoning.
  • Another nit picky item for me, when your residents move in and you build their stores, you can’t actually buy any of their items! Which isn’t a huge deal, considering you can craft useful items but it definitely threw me off, you eventually meet merchants who will also travel to your oasis where you can buy and trade items.

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons, I highly recommend this game! On the score scale for me it’s a 4/5.

Check it out on Amazon

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