Adam Ruins Everything – T.V. Show Review


Score: 5/5


Adam Ruins Everything isn’t a book, movie, or video game. This is an actual TV show that manages to be The Magic School Bus meets Myth Busters for short-attention-span adults—complete with all sorts of awkwardly entertaining humor. If that doesn’t paint a clear picture, I’ll keep trying. Replace the teacher / bus driver with a Pokémon Pidgeotto hairdo (an actual insult from the show – I’m not that clever, I mean look at his picture) and instead of school children we have a cast of shifting ‘everyday people’ who get volun-told into Adam’s television show.

Imagine for a moment that you’re living your life peacefully when out of the blue a friend states loudly and proudly ‘We should build a wall to keep out all them im-are-grants’. Someone next to you turns around, then (with far too much glee) chuckles and says ‘actually a wall wouldn’t help’. He (and the Pidgeotto hair style) then proceeds to use special effects, light shows, teleportation, and an array of other television host super powers to take you on a fact-finding trip. If you can’t imagine it – check out Season 2 – because this is the general plot from an episode. I laughed myself silly because of the timing – and learned a lot at the same time. In truth, I could rant about lessons learned from every single episode, such as the one about Reality TV shows with actual statements straight from people in the field, and dissolve into mental giggles. Mental giggle fits are the kind where my eyes drift off and nothing else being said registers. All the while a slight smile grows on my face until I blink forcefully because someone asked a question.

Most of the show itself is geared to American rumor busting. International people may find it mildly amusing but shake their heads going ‘America really thinks that?’ – which wouldn’t be completely off base. I had little clue how immigration worked and slept during high school – the show taught me more in twenty minutes than an entire semester did. Every episode had something I could directly relate to and found interesting. Other topics include sharing wage information, the truth behind glasses and eye insurance, airport security theater, purebred dogs and more. Each one is absolutely stuffed with humor, cited facts on their website, and debunking with eye-catching special effects. They even end on a ‘positive takeaway’-which is still comically delivered.

I won’t waste too much time on this one because then I’ll be one of those people on a soapbox trying to shove pamphlets into your hand. (Watch this. Now. Here are five reasons why!) Ultimately you can get the show through a ton of different venues. If you’re not convinced by my frothing – crack open your web browser, bring up YouTube or something then try watching a few clips. It’s one of the few shows in the world where I actively hit the refresh button waiting for another episode to release. It’s a shame the seasons are so short.

Full five out of five because I’ve watched some episodes multiple times. While the actual crew responsible for this may never read my words – those guys do awesome work. They deserve some kudos, imaginary accolades, and mental standing ovations.

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