Heroes of Aldrizhon: Battle for Britarion (Book 1) by Y.Z. Tan


Score: 3/5


Genre: Fantasy


An old enemy returns. A kingdom shattered and in ashes. A young prince on the run. The adventure begins.

The peaceful life of Prince Zander Tyzan, heir apparent to the Kingdom of Britarion and House Tyzan is thrown into chaos and disarray when an old enemy of his family rises from the ashes, plunging the entire kingdom into darkness and uncertainty. Now the young prince must unite the people and heroes of the realm in the hopes of returning peace to the realm. But is the young prince capable of doing so?


Heroes of Aldrizhon is a short fantasy novel with a young prince, kingdom in peril, and a king with terrible visions of an impending disaster. The plot itself is easy enough to follow. We learn our young prince is being groomed by taking magic classes. There’s a royal guard and wizened old tutor. Exiled nobility comes back to usurp the crown that wronged his family—when his family had been the biggest jerks in the kingdom the whole time. Dissatisfied upper class who believed their needs should come first are on board. The righteous king who lived for the people dies and the prince flees to rally the troops for a comeback. The action keeps right on going.

Here was the biggest detractor to me—the magic system that was introduced first was mitigated or downplayed for much of the book. Magic systems in books always interest me. The first thing I did upon seeing our protagonists first spell is try to unscramble it. I concluded it was an anagram for freeze buke (I think) – which is vaguely Japanese for law or governing authority. I thought that was neat and looked forward to the next spell verbiage—only to find the rest of the magic used in this book was glossed over.  I wished to see more of it in this book but maybe there’ll be more in the next book.

Heroes of Aldrizhon reads like an opener novel in an ongoing series. There’s a lot of possibility in a follow up for the characters be expanded upon, go through growth opportunities, or explore facets of characters that aren’t discussed so far. I believe this story is a good one for those who’ve never tried a fantasy kingdom novel. The story is a classic in terms of elements and an easy short read. For fans of science fiction, mystery, or modern covert ops stories trying to dabble in another genre – this is an easy test. If it’s even vaguely attracting, then the fantasy genre has a ton of other books to read. However to the jaded frequenter of any kingdom novel—this story may feel rehashed.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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