Dead Last by Rachel J. Clay


Score: 4/5

Genre: Mystery


Carla and Sasha are the daughters of an Olympic Champion and because of that they are expected by their family to compete in running, swimming and athletics and win. Until Sasha goes for a run on her own and disappears. No one knows what happened to her, or why she disappeared.
Carla is left to compete on her own, until she is approached by a boy she doesn’t like, who warns her to stop competing, as her life might be in danger. Carla thinks it a cruel joke… but is it?


Dead Last is an interesting read, if only because of how everything wraps around to the beginning.  The short version is this; two girls are both athletically gifted and hard working. Both compete in sports such as swimming, running, and so on.  The older sister dies under mysterious circumstances. Now the second one is headed in the same direction.

Plot wise, the second sister starts to shine in sports but gets passed ominous messages. They start out simple enough, warning her away from a competition, then elevate to the pure blasphemy of holding her dog hostage. All of which naturally proves ineffective as a deterrent.

As for the story telling itself, it’s done in short bursts across multiple points of view. The book spun together both past events when the sister disappeared and current events showing what’s happening. There’s a bit of a love interest alluded to but it is not the main focus of the story.

The ending itself leaves a lot hanging out there question wise. This may bother some people or leave them thinking about the story long after it’s done. I found it fitting given how the story unfolded. It is a shorter novel and goes by quickly.


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