The Death Gate Cycle(7 Book Series) by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman


Score: 5/5

This is a series I read many, many years ago and tend to reread every four or five years for nostalgia. Here are the basics – the world was torn into pieces by a race of super magic users fighting with another race. The losers were cast into a labyrinth that was intended to rehabilitate them while the lesser races were given new ‘worlds’ to exist on.

However, the letter of magic went astray as a result of unspoken desires from the ‘victors’. The labyrinth turned into a death game, and those worlds that were intended to connect to each other started falling apart.

Enter Halpo – one of two main protagonists in this story. He’s a member of the ‘losers’ and sent into the worlds through a gateway. Therein he finds all sorts of details and leftovers – along with a personified evil that neither race of casters really knew about.

It’s a complete series – the story is over. Anyone looking to kill a few days should certainly pick up book one in the series. It is perhaps one of the best written sagas I’ve come across, and if you’re into the Dragonlance novels – some characters / themes repeat.

I loved the characters. They reoccur, we see Halpo – warrior of the loser side using tattoo and sigil magic against a survivor from before the fallout – one of the mages who cast everyone away. Their constant clashes force them to question their beliefs about the situations, those in charge of both remnants, and how to fix what happened.

I loved seeing the worlds come together as pieces were put together across all the worlds. Each one clearly different than the last, and each world shows a dozen ways the plans of those great and powerful went wrong (the best intentions don’t always lead to the best results). Not only do we have these two ‘gods among mortals’ walking through, but we have humans, elves, dwarves, etc trying to make the best of what they were given.

If you like high fantasy, and haven’t read this one, hop to. Pick up book one then see how you feel.


Check out the first book here!

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