Below is a list of slowly growing links to other sites I frequent.  All revolve around stories and storytelling – though some are more about the artwork styles or method rather than overall quality.  If it’s here, it has something I like – which means only what you think it does.

Story Collection Sites

  • Royal Road L – This site is for amateur fiction.  My own works are hosted there as well.  Nearly all of these works are done in chapter format.  Some have great ideas, others are really entertaining and humorous, some are questionable at best.  The range is fairly standard for a public site, but there are some good ones in the mix.
  • Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews)
  • Novels Online

Original Works

  • MageLife – This guy is further along the self-publishing chain than I am.  He posts about the challenges he’s received along with his actual story.  I’ll spare you an entire synopsis since there’s one on the site, but if you’re into fantasy, give it a whirl!  His book is on Amazon as well.

Blogs and Websites

  • Geek Bytes Podcast – From their website: “Every week Ramon and Edgar review and comment on the exciting and interesting geek news. Topics include: geek, tech, comic, movie, science, and anything else of interest that week.”

I did my first ever interview with Ramon and it was an awesome experience, he is super professional and personable and even though the interview was nerve racking(for me) I enjoyed talking with him about Continue Online. The interview link can be found here.

  • Indie Designz – Our cover artist of choice, Dafeenah, designed all 5 covers of Continue Online and Royal Scales books 1 and 3 (not yet released)! What we loved about her is not only is her website transparent i.e. prices and what you get is right there, but she makes eye-catching designs all for $99 for an ebook only cover. Need print and audio with the ebook? $200 for all plus you get extras like a Facebook cover and twitter header. That’s a damn good deal, imo, compared to other sites I’ve visited and we LOVE our covers. If you decide to use her services please let her know in the email that Stephan Morse referred you as she also has an awesome referral program, thanks!

Facebook Groups


Web Comics / Graphic Novels

  • N/A (More to come)

Translated Works

  • N/A (More to come)





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