Draft Works


Hi Everyone!

This page links directly to my draft chapters for all currently public writing.

There are currently 9 series to navigate to.

4 have not been finalized on RRL yet and are awaiting some more housekeeping on my end

Please keep in mind the following; 

  • In the case of multiple books in a series, the link will connect to all of them.
  • These serials are extremely rough in some cases.
  • They are hosted directly on RoyalRoadL and require an account with them to comment.

At the end of each chapter you’ll find a note talking about ways you can help me continue this writing gig. I ask that every reader scan through the items at least once and seriously consider any of the options that feel within reason. Everything helps me keep going. 


Fridays Online

Kenneth’s seen people die. Not those fake deaths from television shows and virtual reality, but friends in the military, and people in his daily job as an ambulance attendant.

He seeks escape by playing games, diving into the virtual worlds run by Trillium. When confronted by too much drama, he simply starts a new character, one free of the prior problems.

The AI conspiracy weaves its way around his online presence to make him face reality both in-game and out.

Status: Pending approval and chapter release!

Note: Part of the Online universe started in Continue Online!

The Fiasco

Link here!

When your only power is attracting other powered disasters and surviving,  how can you deal with so much nonsense and stay sane? By using his greatest weapon, sarcasm, Adam will get a job, a girlfriend, and a bit of revenge. Too bad he’s probably as insane as the rest of the world.

Status: Book 2 in progress – chapters to be released!

Note: Check here for information on the fully edited versions, available on most eReader sales platforms!


Liars Called

Lance finds himself awake, late at night, and stumbling onto a bus that showed up outside his house. At the other end of his ride are thousands of others, all lost and confused, trying to understand the rules for a world that’s more like a dream than reality.

Then people start vanishing. Questions pile up as he seeks power and struggles to survive.

Status: Book 3 to be drafted next –  awaiting approval on site then chapters will be released!



Lawless Ink

In the west, near Butcher Hills, is a mine where magical ink grows. Monsters also spawn from its depths. Bullets meet magic in this alternate wild western fantasy. Oh, and there’s catgirls.

Status: Pending approval and chapter release! Written to nearly the end of book 1


Royal Scales

Link Here!

Jay Fields likes punching vampires and elves in the face. He even had a job doing just that. At least, that’s what he remembers doing. His past is a fuzzy mystery, and the world around him needs Jay to be more than a simple thug.

Status: Book four to be added soon

Note: Check here for information on the fully edited versions, available on most eReader sales platforms!

First RE:Guards

Link Here!

Pierce drove a fire truck into danger, getting people out safely while modern robots did their job to suppress the danger. On the eve of a major fire, he finds himself dying to a genetic monster that shouldn’t exist.

Only Pierce doesn’t die. He wakes up in a new world, where the rules are different. His only contact in this new land is a young girl, Isabella.

Status: Canceled – but still available

Note: Part of the Online universe started in Continue Online!

Fragments of Aeon

Link Here!

Ages ago a great general named Lee brought an end to a war which had divided the world in two.

Now, a young noble boy has been locked away in a garden because his powers are too dangerous to live, but too useful to destroy.

They both share the same destiny, one greater than stopping a simple war.

Status: Mostly Hiatus

Ember Of War

In this short story we meet Lee. Angry, bitter, and ready to kick some alien ass. Only he’s stuck on an outpost tending beefclops and repairing broken equipment.

His boss is bossy. His companions are jerks. In his search for adventure, Lee might bite off more than he can chew.

Status: Short story – completed – pending approval and upload

Note: Check here for information on the fully edited versions, available on most eReader sales platforms!


Continue Online

Link Here!

In the near future lives Grant Legate, a man broken by loss and driven to work himself until numb. Can a video game heal him? What if it offers enough mysteries, such as a cupcake eating dragon that seems to ignore programming, the power to pose as anyone but himself, and the ghost of his deceased fiancée?

Find out, as Grant seeks the hero inside, with Continue Online.

Status: Utterly completed

Note: Check here for information on the fully edited versions, available on most eReader sales platforms!

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