Hound Of The Mountain (Lawless Ink)

Lawless Ink

In an alternate version of earth near the 1900s, there’s magic. Earth Wells around the world give birth to a substance that every culture uses differently. In England lay the Pool Of Galahad, used to enchant armor and turn their warriors into unstoppable knights. In South America there used to be a pool that gave men the power of the Sun and nature. In the Rockies, there’s another source of power. They call it The Mountain, and use it to make tattoos that summon weapons, give strength, and all manner of wonder.


Hound of The Mountain

Chase works as a miner at the Well Brook Mines, a source of ink and power to America. Every month he has to contend with monsters spawned from the depths, and struggle to reach quotas in order to earn money. With enough money he can afford his first tattoo and become a Ranger—members of the elite who serve The Mountain and hunt monsters, rule breakers, and enemies who seek to abuse the Mountain’s power.

He does it because of a promise to his dead daddy. A promise to get his Momma far away from The Mountain.

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