Book 4 – Prince in the Tower

Elves, wolves, vampires, they’ve all been hanging around in the spotlight for almost two thousand years. Humans are over it, they know, everyone knows. Society has adapted around their cultures. The problem is that they did so by murdering all the other creatures of lore in a great cleansing.

Jay’s most recent escape from a human supremacist training ground has landed him in real legal trouble. The trinket clouding both his own perceptions and those around him had finally been shattered. There’s never a good place or time to find out what lay under all the incomplete memories.  Everything comes rushing back leaving him in a constant state of confusion. Those things near and dear to him are never far from trouble and this island isn’t as simple as it seems.


Word Count: Expected Size 100 +

Status: Still being written (Roughly 1/2 way through draft). Writing for Royal Scales is delayed pending sanity. 

ETA: July 2017+




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