Royal Scales

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Humanity hasn’t been alone for almost two thousand years. Elves, wolves, vampires, all joined together with mankind to eradicate the ‘darker’ races and has maintained a tentative peace until modern times. Society has adapted around their cultures. Everyone has rules that help keep the peace in this modern era. Yet, absolute genocide is impossible when talking about creatures beyond the pale. Some hid, some buried, other were re-purposed.

Some, like Jay Fields, pass for human with a little bit extra. His abilities didn’ belong to one of the major races, but any information was buried along with the long dead boogie men. All that was left for Jay were jobs that let him hit people. He used to be a bouncer at a bar, a part-time enforcer for a loan shark, and even a fight club champion. That was four years ago, and a betrayal by someone close sent him packing.

Now he’s back and trying to recover a life he left behind. Questions of origin aren’t his only problems. His ex-girlfriend is a vampire. His part-time boss doesn’t think he’s up to snuff anymore. There’s a missing elf who might have some answers, and Jay’s best friend is caught up in something dangerous…

Remaining books, Plot drafted, manuscript to be completed

  • Book 4, Prince in the Tower (Incomplete)
  • Book 5, Rex of Never Was (Not started)
  • Book 6, Gentleman Dirt (Not started)
  • Book 7, The Emperor’s Flame (Not started)

10 responses

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  3. Hi, I love Continue Online, and I’m gonna read this one too. I hate to be a grammar Nazi but the first line of your synopsis says ‘Jay Fields is a modern fantasy world’. I assume that Jay Fields is your MC, not your world

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  4. hi! first of all thanks you for writing this wonderful novel.
    second i’m assuming your not going to update royals scales in Royal road? so can i that you’ll continue royals scales here?.
    sorry for my bad english. >_<

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    • Despite the mixed reviews on Royal Road, I will likely be posting to both locations. it will be another week or two before I start releasing the next book of Royal Scales though. Continue Online’s current book is wrapping up – and the first is being reviewed heavily in preparation for publishing on Amazon.


      • oh wow, thanks for the fast reply,
        and don’t worry too much about the mixed reviews in RR, because most of the novels there are heavily influence by japanese light novels so yeah, anyway i’ll try reading the continue online of yours while waiting for royals scales. thanks again and good luck in publishing your book. ^__^

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