Fragments of Aeon

The world is filled with people who cultivate unique energies to their world. they channel these energies to empower martial arts, enchant artifacts, and fight wars of domination over other people in the planet. Their ultimate goals, to escap mortality, live forever, and join the gods above. But the truth behind this energy is twisted and dangerous. Those who become gods aren’t entirely human anymore, and all of this was caused by the first.

Lifetimes ago he had power, knowledge, and a heavy debt to repay upon the mortal plane.

Now he has no knowledge of those prior lives, but the cursed abilities and burden remain unchanged.

He will never be free until what was wrong becomes righted.

Otherworldly powers, martial arts, family clans and more than a touch of induced madness.


Authors Notes: New writing style, more verbose, no actual release schedule established. To be pursued after Continue Online finishes. As a result of this new writing style I’m trying a bit of a ‘eastern’ feel to the synopsis. I’ll probably update it eventually.


Story #1 – Silk Bird Cage

Young Fell is unintentionally dangerous. In danger lies power that can be used. His family is a powerful clan under their Regional Lord, and they have plans for Fell. He struggles to find his own place, grow up under lock and key, and understand what makes him different from other cultivators on the planet.



One Comment on “Fragments of Aeon

  1. Like a lot of my partially started works – this is a place holder for one of two projects I’ll be looking at after Continue Online finishes.


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