[The Overseer]’s log: We can only do so much. Even after decades of working with this system, we’re almost powerless to control anything. Do you think that’s by design? Never mind, the only way anyone will actually read this is when the bad press and lawsuits start for real, more than these stupid cases.

Dale, freed from the system, actually wept in happiness upon seeing his former companion, despite the freshly merged code and their strange parting. The traits of two personalities tied to him have created an odd dynamic, but he immediately dropped the lawsuit upon a promise of being able to continue communications. Stranger still, she was actually happy about it as well. Even IB is pleased.

Subject 42, on the other hand shows all the hallmarks of being near mental, more so that any prior combat he’s subjected himself to. The recent contact with the Voice known as Hermes and Hecate have clearly upset him, thankfully Yates’ code scrambling legacy caused everyone to pause. He heard the truth, but didn’t.

Then auntie Xin, she tried hard to get him on the right path. It will make things easier, and harder. Case Sevens show a direct correlation between reality manipulations their past memories fading. Something about their belief in the new life and discarding the old one gives them an edge. We need that power, or processing oomph, to complete the experiment. IB agrees, we need to get Subject 42 to walk a balancing line between submerging in the virtual world, and realization that there is life outside the box.

If we can.