[The Overseer]’s Log: Despite Subject 42’s perception of time, we here in the real world are moving at a slower pace. What he believes to have been almost a decade and a half comes out to be close to one year. Can you imagine? Living so fast that reality looks like a snail?

In other news, this entire note was written on my lunch break, where he believes it’s been months while IB gets back on line. IB is still barely functional considering where she was at prior to the burnout, but we’re still making progress.

More accurately, and this is the part that still stuns me, they succeeded. The primary statement of getting people out of the virtual world has been completed, now we have to see how far Subject 42 can go, and what other repercussions might exist. Connecting Subject 70 to 42 was a long shot, one which failed. IB is growing increasingly worried now that we’ve saved one, and lost another on the network.

I think I know how this will end, and I don’t like it. This will be better than a numbers victory. I’m not letting anything like my Uncle’s death occur again.


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