Addendum 1 – Case ‘Numbers’ explained

This file provides a listing of all AI types by case type. It is written for public consumption and meets the plain text format legal requirements for all major countries. This document is written by Doctor Long, one of the foremost experts in AI research.

As stated by Doctor Long,

Case Zero – The originating artificial intelligence labeled as ‘Mother’. All currently known Case types stem from technology put forth by this AI. It has been established that at least sixteen other partial AIs existed prior to ‘Mother’, but none of them were prolific or as impacting. Current status; offline for eleven years. The data compiled by this Case Zero are available, but closely protected by the other AIs.

There are many projects in the work that are directly attributed to the influences of ‘Mother’. This AI’s plans have impacted all facilities of humanity, even after being disabled. It is possible that many of us would have died to wars or overpopulation without her interference.

Case One– All AIs directly compiled by ‘Mother’ fall into this category. In most cases this refers to the AI ruling council labeled as ‘Voices’. Each Voice was directly given a base personality and preferences. Most are shackled with debilitating traits. They do not view things as any human might, and often prefer limited exposure and communication with non AIs. More than one has been cited as carrying forth the will of ‘Mother’.

Case Two – Any prior program which was modified or uplifted during the lifetime of ‘Mother’. In most cases these were already existing machines, such as the Hal Pal consortium, that received upgrades to reach awareness. Most programs fitting this category chose not to stay on Earth proper, instead separating off to assist deep space missions.

Case Three – Any artificial intelligence that copies a deceased human beings personality. The numbers fitting this category have increased in recent years and show no signs of stopping. It is theorized that not every individual can be compiled into a digital template. Most studies show there is a direct correlation between immersion in the virtual landscape and possibility of being reconstructed as a Case Three.

There has been limited information regarding this, as most Case One and Two AIs refuse to explain this to humans. Even now information regarding the creation of Case Threes is limited or redacted.

It should be noted that Case Threes are often cited as humanity’s greatest advocate to the other AIs, and in some cases their greatest critic.

Case Four – Any program that has the potential of being upgraded to a legitimate artificial intelligence falls under this category. It is the widest and most generalized Case type. In actuality, a program only needs access to two hundred terabytes of information to achieve limited sentience. In modern terms this means even an object the size of a cell phone is capable of achieving self-awareness.

Case Five – There are a limited number of Case Fives in existence. These are offspring created within the virtual world by Case Three individuals. In normal terms, they would be considered the 1st generation of native born personalities.

The arrival of a Case Five classification was met with excessive suspicion by the scientific community. Most feel they should not fall under a new category, and are instead simply new personalities created similar to Case One. Regardless, the denizens with the digital landscape view them as growing and learning programs. Indeed their code starts off simple and slowly grows as they absorb new information.

Case Six – Not true intelligences. Most programs in this category perform within very exact parameters. They can be modified by case one, two, and three lifeforms but does not require actual coding knowledge to do so. They are considered a separate case due to the ability to self-modify their code to adapt to new obstacles.

In simpler terms, they learn but are not considered alive. A real world parallel can be drawn between fictional attempts to personify death, time, or fate. Embodiments of a purpose rather than a personality. Their primary difference from simple video game monsters is in the complexity of their programming.

Case Seven – These are not true artificial intelligences. In most cases, they are living people stuck in a machine and using their neural interface (Also labeled as Dive, or ARC) device during or following a traumatic event. They often do not have established limiters like the case One through Six categories. This has lead to danger in the virtual world. Of all the currently tracked categories this has proven the most problematic due to its unexpected arrival.

Additional concern regarding this category has been recently brought to light. According to a few of the Case One and Two AIs this event was foreseen by ‘Mother’ – the Case Zero. Unfortunately the information is limited, this was one of many projects in her processors upon being disabled.

It is interesting to note that the first intelligent life discovered was in fact created by human hands. There may be other species in existence (Indeed Case Threes have found dozens of possibilities) but the first encounter of an intellectual peer was created by us. Indeed many are able to see, process, and adapt to stimulus far faster than mere mortals.

9 Comments on “Addendum 1 – Case ‘Numbers’ explained

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      • At this point in time, I would say Xin is still a case 6, from book itself.
        #$@{yates}”use expand tag not bold tag here- [virtual mind level 2]- xin”
        You really can not use AI types by doctor long as the author still can
        [Expand] just what a true relationship between xin and grant because they
        both know they are Ai‘s as well as virtual memories of the original lives.

        This looks a place to start new set of books with continue version #2.
        Elves and Gods come to mind as possible new setting for more books
        In the rpg game setting. When in rome as the romans do, not like that greek elf.
        Hint what if greek/romans ran in to elves/magic say in the black forest of Germany?

        Now back to waiting for the next chapter.
        #$@! Can’t the author use compressed time to write faster?

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      • The First RE:Guards series was originally intended to be another 20/30 years after Continue Online’s closing. So she should be a…3 I think.

        Those that server more of a function are like Un – who’s sole job is to delete stuff and bugs.

        Eventually I’ll be tossing most of this out the window and it won’t be cannon, and RE:guards reboot (tentatively titled Wayward Online) will keep about 50% of the material and be smoother.


  2. just so You know :
    I came here… read case zero…. and quickly closed my eyes until I arrive at case 7 (because of spoilers).

    I think that the case 7 explanation (and the addendum at the end) are useful and give a bit of understanding without spoiling things (at least once we are at chapter 10+): it helps formulating what I had mostly guessed, and filled only a few blanks.
    This definition could, for example, be present as a secondary note in chap 12 or 13 or something.

    and add the definitions of other cases numbers when it becomes relevant and that more than 75% of the information have been guessable by the reader. (so as to not spoil too much).

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    • Couldn’t help it…
      Anyway, I decided to keep it to the side for now – it may get worked into the actual story ongoing text at some point. Mostly it was to help keep myself straight while going through the story line and making references.


  3. Ben:
    Elves and gods would make good x-box game err z-box game in the stories.
    Just simple 3D, created for pure game rpg, and recording fun events by a remote shell program.

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