First RE:Guards (Online World)

The Online World

The Online World is a near future version of earth. Artificial intelligence have plans for humanities future. Due to the programming, they simply offer humanity choices. With each situation, a consequence, a reward, a punishment. Each decision made allows them to better measure humans, remind them of what’s important, and struggle to keep their own race and humanity alive.

This work has been scrapped and will be rewritten into a 5 book series called Wayward Online. Events in this old version will not be treated as cannon or factual. Some material will be reused in Wayward Online.


Book Description

I used to be a fire fighter. The requirements were easy enough with today’s technology. Machines did the heavy lifting. Artificial intelligences put together action plans with the greatest resolution possible. Most days were simple jobs, first aid on minor fires, cats stuck in pipes too fine for machines, or when alarms went off that normal security scans couldn’t eliminate.

Most of the time our only skill was being willing to go into dangerous areas and follow orders, only I died running into the latest in biological terror. A beast that spawned fire. I remember the pain, it overwhelmed everything.

Now I’ve woken in a new sort of existence. One where the only creature to view is a little girl, and she needs my help. Isabella Brand. Izzy, my one light in world of darkness and pain. She has the makings of a mage in her world and I’m going to be her spirit animal.




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  1. Yo. You’ve mentioned a few times now that this is going to be error-prone since it’s a draft. I know you and your editor are busy with life, and I’ve just noticed completion date for this is mid Jan. Wondering if you’d like an additional typo-spotter/continuity checker/etc. for this after it’s all done?
    I ask here rather than just commenting on each post because, well, there are a lot of typos, and it’s hard keeping track of them all when I read on a phone.
    Anyway, don’t want to step on any toes, just offering, no obligations. Feel free to delete this comment if you don’t want it here!

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    • I don’t mind the offer, but I’m not stressed about doing an editing pass just yet. This work is mostly being written to pass time and change gears now and then.

      The mid jan completion date was based on my original target goal. I’m going to just take the story where it leads now, so it will likely be closer to 40-45 chapters of this size. I’ll see if my wife can do a chapter a day or something similar though.


    • I updated the completion date for this draft. My wife will probably look at it more when we look at publish worthiness. (So, post Continue, maybe?).

      Thank you for the offer though. We’ll see how this year goes between the wife any I for now.


  2. Posted on November 27, 2015

    Chronologically this takes place in the same world setting that Continue Online does, roughly 10 years after the first story closes. Mild spoilers may be present depending upon how between the lines you read. In short, this is a VR reincarnation merger fiction using my existing world as a backdrop.

    Errors will be present as this is essentially a draft copy (More specfically, the editor wife hasn’t touch much of this yet, nor will she any time soon) To quote Shakespear,

    Now my charms are all o’erthrown, And what strength I have’s mine own

    This work is for the November Write Month challenge, and another 11 chapters (maybe 12) will probably be uploaded by Sunday.

    The actual page with synopsis is over here…

    Comment, or don’t, whatever works. The first four chapters are up. I’m too …inebriated to do any more tonight. Peace yo.
    •Chapter 1 – Hell-o Hound
    •Chapter 2 – Memories Flicker
    •Chapter 3 – Ink Burned
    •Chapter 4 – Creeping Fire


  3. November 2016 here.
    Enjoying the book, and expecting at least 3 more books.
    Have you considered a simple 2d-3d game box,with a remote shell
    As a Pure fun game, with no evil ai’s lurking in the background
    A man made ai -greeks vs elves (black forest),
    to test scripting /logic/movement(body) of the prototype mother.
    As expected in real life , many people left angry with what
    Hard work being done, over game development goals differing
    From most games and formed thier own company.
    The game sold ok, but then real 3d came out.

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  4. Ben. Arg no edit!
    Missed the last bit.
    This is game set at the end of world war one. The war is almost over
    Save for few places that time are now there. The gimic here
    Is no internet, just a dvd/download/patch console game.
    This would give you the chance to explore, how does a ai see a computer
    Game in the real world, and only a joystick/video interface, and grant/xin to
    Explore the computer side of them selves and bridging the ai world to the
    20th century with only a bit cash (FROM RAY) and hal-pal body with two week vacation.
    Well his boss is on his holiday, and the van is in the shop for waiting for
    service with hal-pal.

    A good wish for a few more books.

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