Stand Alone Novellas

This is a gathering point for all stories that take place in the Continue Online universe but are not part of Grant’s primary story. Most of them will serve as stand-alone and do not require reading the primary books. These stories may be after the events in Continue Online, during, or related to different aspects of the digital world – but in some way all of them will involve virtual reality and this future version of earth. Blurbs will be listed below, along with expected word count. Actual details (synopsis, etc) will be kept to the books parent page for ease of reading. Not all items here are started or more than vaguely penciled out. Readers may take this as a sneak peak towards future projects.


First RE: Guards

Status: In Progress

Size: Expected ~90k words

General Info: This story takes place roughly ten years after the closing events of Continue Online. It follows a new character and is designed to serve as a bridge between this series and the next. It originally started from the Write More content and ended up being too big to finish in time. It involves a vague RE: (Reincarnation) theme using virtual reality as a platform.


Selena’s Tempest

Status: Not started

Size: Expected ~60k words

General Info: This story takes place alongside Grant Legates journey through Continue, and follows the same game world from another players point of view. This place is working to become one of the chosen of Selena, a Voice in Continue Online. Characters from the primary storyline will have cameos, and action / overcoming financial issues will be a major theme.

Endless Horizons

Status: Not started

Size: Expected ~60k words

General Info: Endless Horizons is a tentative name given to Hal Pal and their Consortium’s changes after Continue Online’s events end. This is a potential novella that will not be worked on further until the closing of Grant’s story (Mid next year at the earliest)

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