Continue Online


The primary story with Continue Online’s universe follows Grant Legate.

The future is filled with self-driving cars, virtual realities, chore completing machines, and super fast internet connections. Yet all these technological innovations cannot prevent tragedy. Three years ago Grant Legate lost that which he loved most. His carefully built life fell apart in the wake of depression.

Now Grant spends most days working endless hours as a companion to an AI. Their mission is simple, to repair broken machines that humanity uses to visit virtual realities. Unintended hard work pays off as his boss forces Grant to take a vacation and try the latest game craze Continue Online, a fantasy world with the freedom to play any role one might choose.

Upon entry into the game, he meets the AIs who rule over this digital world and they make an offer. They’re nothing like what he expected from a video game world. Grant starts his journey into the virtual world from a very different perspective, and he is only one part of an AI agenda that will end up impacting all of humanity.


The complete series is available in an ebook boxed set at a heavily discounted rate (vs. buying all 5 single ebooks) and available in Kindle Unlimited.


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Fan of audiobooks? Read below!

Book 1 Links:

Audible Audible UK Amazon Amazon UK iTunes

Book 2 Links:

Audible Audible UK Amazon Amazon UK iTunes

Book 3 Links:

Audible Audible UK Amazon Amazon UK iTunes

Book 4 Links:

Audible Audible UK Amazon Amazon UK iTunes

Book 5 currently recording — expected release April 2018.



Stephan Morse is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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  1. so I’ve started to read…

    I know I’ll ask for a huge spoiler…

    is that “blinking in-and-out-of-existence guy” of the prologue … the MC ?
    if so, I expect it’ll be a deterent to me :/
    it’s personal, but I generally dislike books were we know in advance that the MC will be wretched / wrecked / die horribly …etc

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    • In this one? There’s technically love lost, and longing towards the lost person – which eventually turns in to romance (Way down the line). It’s a hard question to answer since different people expect different things along those lines.


      • Well I guess I need to read and find out I will finish all in 1 or 2 days since I pretty much read all the chinse or Korean translations up to date :/

        Liked by 1 person

      • I understand. I too am digging around for extra things to read during downtime. Feel free to drop a line at any point to share how you feel about the story. (Or suggestions on other online work to read…)


      • I am quite new that this reply thing I finished the first novel and started book 2 about your comment I wouldn’t want to keep posting comments about book on here as comment is there another way to contact with you if not I can post my email here

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    • yes and no. The story doesn’t read in such a way that he utilizes powers, it’s better to think of the story as a character driven one, rather than item / gear / ability focused. Only during book 4 (Which will start Jan) will all of it start to come together in game, and at that point other “real life” issues will be happening that game powers do nothing for.


  2. I’m speechless… I’m the kind of guy that prefer action! The more epic the battle is the better. But for some reason I can’t stop reading this. Your writing is amazing. I hope in the future you’ll write a more darker story, maybe using the same universe as this one.

    -minor spoiler-

    That first meeting with the jester… HOLYF(*(*BALLS! It’s amazing! Probably the best scene? (I don’t know the writing term for this…) I’ve ever read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Jester, at the time I was writing it – was entirely spur of the moment. I had no grand plan for such a character to exist. Still, the scene made me very happy with how it turned out, such that the Jester becomes a reoccurring character later on.

      Book 4, which I will be starting with the new year – should be a fair bit darker in overall tone, not depressive or sad, but darker. I’ll see what I can do to push it out, and the setting should fit well.


  3. Well crud. I started this series when it was still free a while ago and then caught up with what you had written. Then I forgot about it and now I saw it and came back to finish it only to find it no longer free, and I definitely cannot afford to be spending money on books right now. Guess it will be a long time before I know what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry – each book was out for about 4 months. I get the free reading enjoyment – but this also helps pay medical bills. I get torn between Kindle Unlimited income and the readers who miss out.

      Just try to check back every 3 months or so – everything I’ve written has been up for at least that long, free, in draft form.


  4. It would be fantastic to know if book 3 or even the rest of the series will be released on audible. It is a intriguing story. I could go on and on but having the books narrated brings a new element. I am happy to see that you interact with the community. Would it be possible to email me, or post back here if a answer is known?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m actually on right now, but the short version is, yes. They’re coming to Audible.

      Book 3 is actually 5 or so chapters in on the audio recording. Our narrator is having health issues which set him back a bit. Hopefully it’ll all pan out okay and we’ll have it done by the end of Nov (and on the store by then).

      Thanks for dropping a line!


  5. I have been listening to the audiobooks, they have been one of my favorite lit rpg books so far and it always feels like there’s so much more to look forward to, thanks for the good read/listen/whatever?! Feels like it’s going to go a little crazy after book 3, can’t wait.

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