Continue Online Books 1-4 on sale for $0.99 each!

As part of the Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sales, Continue Online Books 1-4 are discounted for a limited time (11/25-11/28) on Amazon—$3.99 to $0.99! Click on the link(s) below to head to Amazon.

Continue Online Part 1, Memories

Continue Online Part 2, Made

Continue Online Part 3, Realities

Continue Online Part 4, Crash

And as a reminder, the fifth and final of Continue Online has a planned release of January 2017, sign up for my blog to be notified of the release date at a later time!

5 responses

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    • Hi there!

      When I set up the sale for some reason it only gave me the option to do one market – either Amazon U.S. or Amazon UK, I wasn’t able to select both so unfortunately it’s only in the U.S. Amazon, I’m so sorry about that! ;(


    • And sorry apparently I’m a dork, I’m used to doing free giveaways which only lets you do it once in 90 days, I went in to see if I could add UK to the kindle promotion countdown and I can! The earliest it would let me start it is 11/27 12:00 AM midnight so that one will run from 11/27-11/30(midnight)! Still learning all the promotion rules lol!


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