Do you ever…?

Do you ever get a nagging sensation to share your thoughts?

I’ve been toying with posting for the past few days because I’m super thrilled on what’s to come regarding the Continue Online series; professional editing and the release of the final book to Amazon in early January.

The edits for Continue Book 2 arrived this morning and I literally felt as though it was Christmas morning. Our editor does absolutely amazing work and seeing a shiny, improved manuscript is the best present ever! (I know, I’m a weirdo!)

I’ll make a post announcing when the manuscript has been updated to Amazon so those of you who have the old edition can send a request to Amazon to unlock the update for the new version. Books 3, 4 and 5 are scheduled for editing beginning in November.

Also in vaguely Continue Online related news-Stephan shared his revamp of First Re:Guards (tentatively renamed Wayward Online and has 5 books plotted for the series) I read the opening chapter and I was hooked… it was that good and it was only the first draft! You may think I’m biased-being his wife and all-but I had to slog through the first chapter of First Re:Guards, I didn’t enjoy it… however, Wayward Online, has serious potential.  I can’t wait for him to begin writing it in earnest.

The last bit of news in this already long winded post… to celebrate Continue Online Book 5’s release and all the support from our incredible readers who’ve stuck with Stephan from the start-I’m planning an exciting Amazon giveaway in December! You don’t want to miss it, it’s going to be huge! I will make a post closer to the giveaway date as it is only going to be a one day giveaway with LOTS of winners!

If you read this far-thank you, the nagging has now been put to rest. I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to comment with any of your own upcoming and exciting news!


No Chapter, Two Reviews, Facebook Groups, and News

First off, my chapter today made it to about 2/3’s complete but isn’t finished. This is in part due to getting back into the groove of work, a newborn, and waking up again. In short, my brain wasn’t able to power through it in time.

I have however completed two more reviews. Both of these are not in the ‘LitRPG’ genre but may interest some. They’re both fairly good for the topics they cover. Take a look, if you’re interested.

Otherwise, the next chapter will hopefully be up this weekend, but might be Tuesday instead. I’m struggling to find balance with the newborn. Also, I’m about to review a TV series that I find absolutely awesome – cus I believe it deserves the shout out, however small my crowd may be.


Check out my review of John A. Heldt’s September Sky (Time Travel , Romance)




Review for Keys to the Kingdom (YA, fantasy)



Also, I will mention here that there are at least three LitRPG facebooks groups for those interested. I’m part of all three and for the most part they’re good peoples. Each one is run by a different person or team, so flavor of content may vary a little. It’s a good place to find other recommendations if you liked Continue Online and want to see more from the genre.

Final bit – I’ve reapproached First RE:Guards, and started penciling out an entire series around it – much like I did for Continue Online. I’m tentatively thinking five books with the completely revamped content – the current ‘version’ would be reworked and fixed to span two books or so instead of rushing through and barely being one garbled mess. So that project will start late next year I think, at the latest. It’s still being bounced around as a real story….(And if I show you the list of planned content for only the current series you may defecate yourself, I think I’m crazy.)

Also, the wife redid the page. It looks new at least, I like most of it – but it’s late and I’m tired. I’ll be redoing some of the posts and maybe adding in filler pages as I solidify my writing game plans. There’ll be a few rambles up about book 4, 5, the editing process, average decline in Amazon sales (generalized numbers for other authors to compare with, etc.)


Welcome, Release Schedule

Hello, everyone!

Updated: 06/10/2017

This site is a collection of all fictional works that I will be finishing up. For more information please use the navigation menus above to get around. Links to the finalized published works are available as well as all currently in progress novels.

Expected pauses: Two children, full-time job – updates are irregular. I am still writing, I swear!


Current work in progress order:

  1. The Fiasco, In News – Release Aug 1st
  2. Draft Royal Scales #4; Prince in the Tower – Completion Aug/Sept
  3. A Liar Called #1; The [Runed Rogue] – Release 1st QRT 2018
  4. Draft Lawless Ink #1; Hound of the Mountain – Completion Dec


  1. Wayward Online: Tales
  2. Prince of Neverwas (Royal Scales #5)
  3. Silk Bird Cage (Fragments of Aeon #1)



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