Continue Online Audiobook 1 reaches 200 ratings on Audible! Audiobook 2 released!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share we finally have Continue Online Book 2 as an Audiobook, as such I have US and UK codes for Continue Online, narrated by the incredible Pavi Proczko!

If you are interested in reviewing the Audiobooks for Book 1 and/or 2 on Audible, please email Stephan at frustratedwriting AT and let us know which code you prefer (US or UK). I have 10 codes of each available, first come first served!

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you! 🙂





Continue Online Part 1 FREE from 6/21-6/25 + get Whispersync!

 FREE 6/21-6/25


Hi all! Just wanted to let you know it’s that time again! The first book of Continue Online is free + if you get it for free you still qualify to get the reduced audio/Whispersync for it! Also the second book of Continue Online is only $0.99 on both and Amazon UK from 6/21-6/25!


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, it’s official! We have an audiobook in the works for The Fiasco… we hired an awesome narrator to do it, he’s really doing some amazing voicing on this and it’s just bringing the book to a whole other level! I can’t wait!!!




Continue Online #1 Audio book sale

This morning, I checked Audible website to see how the book is doing. It seems to he on sale.

Edit: The sale is Whispersync or what have you. I guess it’s still cheaper to buy the eBook and the sync, versus buying the full audible version. Sorry everyone.

03/05, Jeff Hays will be reading part of The Fiasco

Jeff Hays is a audio producer who’s got a number of works under his belt. Anyone who listens to Audible style stuff may enjoy hearing him try to wade through a slightly more edited version of The Fiasco’s first chapter (Among many others) tonight.

Here’s his timeframe; 03/05 at 5pm CST

I normally lurk on his Twitch channel; but figured I’d share some links in case people are interested. If you arrive too late for the show – he normally stores them for people to review later.<- where I’ll be.

He has an insanely impressive range of voices, and watching an audio narrator in action provides an entirely new dynamic to a writers world. I’d highly recommend that ANYONE interested in going the audible route (or people that have but have never watched it in action) – take a look.

I know Jeff loves see the audience join in and he’s semi-informal with the readings since these are by request.

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