Book Review: Her Majesty’s Wizard by Christopher Stasheff

Today’s review is a portal fiction, one of the originals that got me started years ago. Her Majesty’s Wizard—book one in a fun series.


If you’ve been a long-time fantasy reader, but have never touched the Wizard in Rhyme series —then you need to back up and give this one a go. Seriously, look at the first book. I started with one later in the series, then picked up the first one. It was very enjoyable.

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T.V. Show Review – River

Time for a Television show review. River, not about rivers, but a detective named River.


Hold onto your horses, I’m about to go full on frothing at the mouth, soapbox, ranting homeless guy on a street corner at you. River’s acting is fan-forking-tastic. I’m not kidding. There are a few reasons but it’s mostly the acting.

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The LitRPG Signed Book Giveaway

This will probably be shared once or twice more, but anyone interested in a signed copy of my main series – and a ton of others – can enter into this give away.

It closes at the end of the month. There’s 22 books in the giveaway  (that I counted).



In other news, anyone using Kindle Unlimited may want to check out Lion’s Quest, a series fresh to KU. The elves in this series make me laugh myself silly.

Lion's Quest: Undefeated: A LitRPG Saga by [Earle, Michael-Scott]


The Fiasco Draft, 22-26

Feels like forever since I’ve released new writing. Been torn between editing old stuff, working on an audio book for Continue Online, and recovering from physical pain.

Anyway, here.

I’ve got more typed out and am working on the April writing camp thingy – with the goal of finishing a shorter novel (60k or so) – we’ll see how that goes.

03/05, Jeff Hays will be reading part of The Fiasco

Jeff Hays is a audio producer who’s got a number of works under his belt. Anyone who listens to Audible style stuff may enjoy hearing him try to wade through a slightly more edited version of The Fiasco’s first chapter (Among many others) tonight.

Here’s his timeframe; 03/05 at 5pm CST

I normally lurk on his Twitch channel; but figured I’d share some links in case people are interested. If you arrive too late for the show – he normally stores them for people to review later.<- where I’ll be.

He has an insanely impressive range of voices, and watching an audio narrator in action provides an entirely new dynamic to a writers world. I’d highly recommend that ANYONE interested in going the audible route (or people that have but have never watched it in action) – take a look.

I know Jeff loves see the audience join in and he’s semi-informal with the readings since these are by request.

Ramble: Surviving Feb after trying to break myself

To prove I’m still alive, I’ve written out a bit of a ramble (and this one really rambles) – talking about what happened, where I’m at writing wise, the continued path to writerly self improvement, and so on.

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