Oct – New chapters, serials, and Patreon updates

Hi everyone!

I try to keep these messages both brief and semi sporadic – mostly because I know people’s inboxes get flooded. Mine does, all of them, and deleting Emails is a chore.

So, here’s a roll up of what’s happened chapter wise.

The Fiasco’s book 2 is released up to Part IX (9 for you non roman numeral people)

Fridays Online – a Continue Online follow up, is up to Session 10, which is something like chapter 12. 

Lawless Ink – a fantasy western I’ve been threatening to release, is up to chapter 4, with 27 chapters written and to be released over the next month. 

Those of you in author/writer land may keep tabs on November’s national write month – I’ll be taking part again this year, as I usually do. Though I’m bad at updating their site daily, rest assured that everyone here will get a chance to see new content eventually.

I’ve got reviews somewhere to post eventually. I’ve got more rambles somewhere to write up. Sorry for being delayed on the website stuff – house hunting and the day job drain my sanity – but I’m still plodding along, one sentence at a time.

Patreon pledges, I’m still trying to find artists who can produce content at a decent speed. The biggest hold up has been house hunting – as most of our funds are set aside for down payments on a place that can fit two children. Once that hurdle is over (and the old house is sold…) then we should have a lot more flex room to play around and bring you unique content!

Thanks for following!


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