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Dead Poets Society Movie Review

Today’s review is a movie, an old one that some younger people may not have seen.


Dead Poets Society

If you’ve never seen this movie, I’ll start by describing it. It’s a classic boy’s prep school where kids are crammed full of the right kinds of knowledge as they make their ways into the very important future jobs as models of society and school is all very regimented and boring and someone at that school would shoot me for this never ending sentence.

Robin Williams plays the young teacher who delivers in breaking said shackles and injecting life into school. He puts in life lessons—that feel slightly unrealistic but still extremely touching.

Here’s the thing, some of the actors in this series are absolutely crazy to see in action. They’re outright young. Robin Williams does his normal guidance of the young minds thing (which is a common enough role for him) and offers little rebellions. Robert Sean Leonard, known more recently as Doctor Wilson in House, is young and full of hope—and it does not look like him at all.

Anyway, while the movie is a bit out of touch with 2017, you know, being aimed at another era entirely, it’s still full of fun messages for young adults. Poetry abounds and the emotions are raw. This cast brings to life a touching story whose idea of action is Robin Williams covering a kids eyes up and forcing him to speak what’s in his heart. It’s not The Last Action Hero, but it still carries an important message or ten.

So, uh, seize the day. Or watch this movie.


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