Semi Cover Reveal? The Fiasco – Needs Your Input!


Woohoo! This has been a long time coming (we commissioned a design in February) our first foray into illustrative covers and we’re quite pleased with the outcome. However we have a little snag on perfecting the book title and author font.

We need your help!!! I’ve created a poll for the three examples above that are possible cover choices – please keep in mind that we CAN move the title and author name around so those aren’t stuck in place so if you feel like one is good but you just wish the author name was higher/lower on the cover please feel free to make a comment here or on the poll itself! Absolutely any comments/questions/concerns are welcome regarding the three choices – I hope to hear from you all and get your help and opinions! Thank you 🙂

6 responses

  1. I like the third one because Stephan’s name is more legible (the background has more white in it towards the bottom?), and the title really pops out. I don’t know if you’re really attached to the green guy’s cape, but if the words “in news” are more important, it seems like a good place to put them.
    Also, I like the blue hue behind the title, because it brings out the blue font of “in news” (which has a yellow hue to pick up the yellow of “the fiasco” so it ties in nicely) and it ties in with the gray colors in the illustration.
    Good luck 😀

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    • Thank you for the awesome reply! I’m not attached to the super’s cape but I’m afraid if I cover it there’ll be no indication of a ‘superhero’ genre, though perhaps the font gives it enough of that feel? I will definitely try a variation of moving ‘In News’ over it though, I appreciate your feedback so much! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for leaving feedback! Yeah I’m finding the cover game is a lot harder to play than I imagined… I was told they’re too ‘graphic novel’ feeling (the third one mainly) and that’s not at all what we want the cover to convey because we don’t want people to feel disappointed when they don’t get a graphic novel hehe… so back to the drawing board! But I appreciate you taking the time to vote and comment 🙂

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