03/05, Jeff Hays will be reading part of The Fiasco

Jeff Hays is a audio producer who’s got a number of works under his belt. Anyone who listens to Audible style stuff may enjoy hearing him try to wade through a slightly more edited version of The Fiasco’s first chapter (Among many others) tonight.

Here’s his timeframe; 03/05 at 5pm CST

I normally lurk on his Twitch channel; but figured I’d share some links in case people are interested. If you arrive too late for the show – he normally stores them for people to review later.


https://www.twitch.tv/soundbooththeater<- where I’ll be.

He has an insanely impressive range of voices, and watching an audio narrator in action provides an entirely new dynamic to a writers world. I’d highly recommend that ANYONE interested in going the audible route (or people that have but have never watched it in action) – take a look.

I know Jeff loves see the audience join in and he’s semi-informal with the readings since these are by request.

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