Book Released – Continue Online #5


The series has completely, utterly, and totally finished for Grant’s story. It’s been a wild ride.

The picture links to my series page. At this point, I’d love for anyone who’s read the novel to do a review of any books or the series as a whole! Every comment helps!

Thanks for your support on this wonderful project…. now on to the next!

4 thoughts on “Book Released – Continue Online #5

  1. pydsigner

    Grabbed the book late last night but haven’t finished yet. Definitely excited to see how the “server event” plays out. Will post my final typo list for a couple of the books when I finish reading this one.

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    1. Thanks much! We’ll check through the errors and see if they were caught in later versions. Amazon’s kind of weird when it comes to providing people newer updates.

      I hope you enjoy it. I’m excited and nervous to see how people react.


      1. pydsigner

        Book 4:

        @2491: “that meant was hugely relaxing” → “that meant it was hugely relaxing”
        @3678: “The uncovered portions of skin revealed far too much skin” → “the uncovered portions of skin revealed far too much”
        @3933: missing close quote after “other people.”
        @4163: “There was a swath of waist-high grass between us a now visible building.” → “There was a swath of waist-high grass between us and a now visible building.”
        @5661: “Caver?” → “Carver?”
        @6351: extraneous linebreak in “do wn”

        There’s one other that I remember but I didn’t put a mark down so I don’t remember what it was… I think it was near a character saying “d**m” though.

        Book 5:

        @610: “martial” → “marital”
        @5232: “alien females who had green skin.” → “green-skinned aliens.”
        @5786: “coworkers” → “coworkers…”
        @5792: “everything we’d built up defenses slowly crumbled” → “everything we’d built up slowly crumbled”
        @8023: “long winded” → “long-winded”

        I think that’s just about everything! Many thanks for the adventure; I’m definitely hyped for the sequel. I’ll try to write up a review of the whole series at some point, but my thoughts are too complex to dump here right now.

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      2. No worries, reviews are always welcome. I’ll point the wife to these errors – I’m sure she’ll be ‘happy’.

        I do have three more series penciled into my binder of stuff to work on – in the same setting. One involves the Jester and Grant / Xins child, and the other involves Requiem’s nephew as a MC – both are a generation or two later in RL terms.

        We’ll see how they go, once I get a few other books out of the way.


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