Kindle Unlimited – Problems?

Normally I try to stay separate from the drama. I have a hard time separating fact from fiction with my limited time for anything that isn’t writing, game,s or my day job (or my kids, or editing, or dealing with Emails, or trying to exist, or, or, or…). But I do try to pay attention.It’s interesting to read and provides me a lot of what if questions. The link below was an interesting read and gave me an idea of what other people in the indie field run into – it also left me with a lot of ‘what if’ questions.

I’m going to provide a link to another author in the field – and he’ll describe something that happened over the Christmas break to him and a few others. I haven’t run into the problem myself – but it certainly is scary to think about.

After you read it, consider how many Indie authors feel. Kindle Unlimited is money that many of us would otherwise not get (in exchange for our time and efforts). I know my earnings are about 70% pure page reads from the Kindle Unlimited program (Also called KDP Select, pages read = money paid). The idea that someone might be abusing it to get others in trouble is worrying.

But I don’t know enough of the details. So, here’s the link and draw your own conclusions. Drop a line here or on the post. And if you or cowriters notice problems, maybe point them to this article…


8 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited – Problems?

  1. This whole situation is really quite scary for any and all authors who could become targets. I don’t have an account with Kindle Unlimited, nor do I need one. I would much rather use my local library or buy my books the good old fashioned way. Amazon definitely needs to look into this issue and fix this problem. Sigh.

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    1. Same, but this is certainly an issue worth tracking. Hopefully it’s a mistake and can be fixed. Who knows how bad it could get if Amazon does more of this. To be honest, this is the first issue with KDP Select that I’ve seen.

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  2. It’s the same sort of issues we’ve had for years fighting the torrent sites that offer our work for free. We’ve tried to stop it, even with legal recourse, but there seems little that can be done. These sites are all over the world. Amazon knows that. That their system can detect this untoward technological activity, I feel they have a responsibility to put measures into place to prevent it. They should be protecting us from it, not condemning us for it.

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