Book Review: Chase: The Hunt for the Mute Poetess by Thomas Dellenbusch

CHASE: The Hunt for the Mute Poetess is a non-fantasy fiction focused on action, mystery, and high pace.


Chase is a story involving a mute writer and a small cast of problem solvers that are halfway between the Scooby Gang and a Mission Impossible crew (A group called CHASE). The scene is set quickly as one member of the Scooby Impossible team rescues said poetess; thinking she’s been recently smuggled in from another country for prostitution. It turns out she’s part of a bigger issue which unveils quickly.

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Book Review: The Little Voice: A rebellious novel by Joss Sheldon

This go, I read a book that tore me between like and dislike. So here we are, The Little Voice: A Rebellious Novel


The Little Voice is a tale more about our inner devil on one shoulder (sans angel), humanity’s judgment upon those who act out, and a crazy prose. The latter being the hardest to handle. When the wording is read with a comical tone it becomes easier to deal with–so readers expecting a seriously presented work should instead be prepared for a madder sort of humor. I–for one–went into it all wrong.

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Book Review: The Last Detective by Brian Cohn

Holy cow, three book review blogs in a row?

The Last Detective combines aliens and hard boiled detectives for a fascinating new spin on both genres.51rd7j7khxl

The book mashes together classic detective style attitude from the sixties with an occupation by aliens. Both topics on their own can be interesting, but together I found it outright riveting. The aliens focus purely on betterment of their races, everything for the greater good, individuals mean nothing. This made an interesting dynamic but also left a lot of questions regarding the larger picture unanswered.

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Book Review: Impossible to Love by Heena Patwa

Impossible to Love is a fantasy romance story with heavy focus on racial complications.


The Impossible in this love story is established quickly. There are three major races, nymphs, humans, and air spirits. There are a few interesting twists which make these relationships different. Nymphs kill male lovers. Humans can’t help themselves and fall prey. The Starlite (who can’t feel the emotion love) race runs interference – and this three-way dynamic plays a huge role in the story. In addition, we have medieval level combat wars between different groups.

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Book Review: Dead Last by Rachel J. Clay

Dead Last is a tale about two sisters, competition, and the past repeating itself.


Dead Last is an interesting read, if only because of how everything wraps around to the beginning.  The short version is this; two girls are both athletically gifted and hard working. Both compete in sports such as swimming, running, and so on.  The older sister dies under mysterious circumstances. Now the second one is headed in the same direction.

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Book Released – Continue Online #5


The series has completely, utterly, and totally finished for Grant’s story. It’s been a wild ride.

The picture links to my series page. At this point, I’d love for anyone who’s read the novel to do a review of any books or the series as a whole! Every comment helps!

Thanks for your support on this wonderful project…. now on to the next!

Kindle Unlimited – Problems?

Normally I try to stay separate from the drama. I have a hard time separating fact from fiction with my limited time for anything that isn’t writing, game,s or my day job (or my kids, or editing, or dealing with Emails, or trying to exist, or, or, or…). But I do try to pay attention.It’s interesting to read and provides me a lot of what if questions. The link below was an interesting read and gave me an idea of what other people in the indie field run into – it also left me with a lot of ‘what if’ questions.

I’m going to provide a link to another author in the field – and he’ll describe something that happened over the Christmas break to him and a few others. I haven’t run into the problem myself – but it certainly is scary to think about.

After you read it, consider how many Indie authors feel. Kindle Unlimited is money that many of us would otherwise not get (in exchange for our time and efforts). I know my earnings are about 70% pure page reads from the Kindle Unlimited program (Also called KDP Select, pages read = money paid). The idea that someone might be abusing it to get others in trouble is worrying.

But I don’t know enough of the details. So, here’s the link and draw your own conclusions. Drop a line here or on the post. And if you or cowriters notice problems, maybe point them to this article…


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