Book Review: Heroes of Aldrizhon: Battle for Britarion (Book 1) by Y.Z. Tan

My book review for the week, Heroes of Aldrizhon, is a really short story involving a kingdom in peril and the prince out to save it. It’s classic fantasy.



Heroes of Aldrizhon is a short fantasy novel with a young prince, kingdom in peril, and a king with terrible visions of an impending disaster. The plot itself is easy enough to follow. We learn our young prince is being groomed by taking magic classes. There’s a royal guard and wizened old tutor. Exiled nobility comes back to usurp the crown that wronged his family—when his family had been the biggest jerks in the kingdom the whole time. Dissatisfied upper class who believed their needs should come first are on board. The righteous king who lived for the people dies and the prince flees to rally the troops for a comeback. The action keeps right on going.

Continue reading here.

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