Chapter Release, The Fiasco Book 1, Chapter 19, 20, 21

The Fiasco update. Three chapters out and vaguely ready to go. As always – these are draft. Mistakes will be present. Enjoy, comment, or roll your eyes!

As far as everything else – I have more content to start loading. I’m just not there yet.

Book Review: Blacktip Island by Tim W. Jackson

My review for today is Blacktip Island. A fun fiction to read, check it out!


Blake is a screw-up son to a well-to-do family trying to find a better place in life. The man’s relationships with his father, girlfriend, and job are all in the process of going to hell as the story starts – and we find him on a quiet Caribbean island contemplating the value of running away from it all.

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Book Review: Blue Vision by Marie Lavender

Today’s review was done on little sleep—but here we go. Blue Vision is a story with a spiritual alien from another world searching for love in all the wrong spaces (cue laughter).


Blue Vision primarily follows two characters. One is Ganardebragh (who later goes by Colin). Colin is an explorer from another race. As this story halfway involves aliens—I feel it’s worth covering some of their traits for those who like the Science Fiction aspect more than any potential romance.


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Book Review: The Golden Tup by Leslie W P Garland

My review for the day is about The Golden Tup, a short story mixing small town gossip spreading and light demonic possession.



The Golden Tup is god-fearing rural town story told from a bystander’s point of view; that is to say—someone who is not directly tied to the situation but is still a good friend of the couple in question. This is the most important point because the entire narrative is presented as hindsight by the ‘town expert on this matter.’

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Book Review: Like A Closed Fist by E.H. Nolan

My book review for the week is a brand new release. Like a Closed Fist is great modern fiction involving a woman trying to figure out relationships. The internal monolog on this one kept me riveted.


Like a Closed Fist is a book that makes more sense to me now – in my thirties – than it ever could have in my twenties or late teens. Heads up, this story borders between a modern relationship drama and occasional mild sex – but how it does this is probably the most interesting aspect.

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Rambles: For Authors, Internet Drama and Public Image


Okay – I spent a lot of time on this one and probably still had typos and today’s target group is…Authors! (And as a reminder to myself, of course)

Please leave your thoughts on the page. I tried to include funny .gifs to help make the pages less wordy.

A touchy topic.


Book Review: Heroes of Aldrizhon: Battle for Britarion (Book 1) by Y.Z. Tan

My book review for the week, Heroes of Aldrizhon, is a really short story involving a kingdom in peril and the prince out to save it. It’s classic fantasy.



Heroes of Aldrizhon is a short fantasy novel with a young prince, kingdom in peril, and a king with terrible visions of an impending disaster. The plot itself is easy enough to follow. We learn our young prince is being groomed by taking magic classes. There’s a royal guard and wizened old tutor. Exiled nobility comes back to usurp the crown that wronged his family—when his family had been the biggest jerks in the kingdom the whole time. Dissatisfied upper class who believed their needs should come first are on board. The righteous king who lived for the people dies and the prince flees to rally the troops for a comeback. The action keeps right on going.

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