Continue Online and Royal Scales Update



Hi guys, Samantha here with a short blog post!

As promised I’m updating to share that both Continue Online Book 2 and Royal Scales Book 2 have completed professional editing and the new manuscripts have been uploaded to all available channels.

What does this mean for those of you who already have a copy? Well, if you purchased either book through Amazon you’ll have to contact their customer service and request the book to be “unlocked” to update to the latest version since it is not an automatic process (not for us anyway!)

Continue Online Book 3 is currently being worked on by our fabulous editor, Cassie @ Joy Editing, and is due back on November 20th THEN Book 4’s edits begin on November 21st! We are going back-to-back with these edits, as the 5th and final book of Continue Online edits starts on December 1st — that’s right, it’ll be fully edited before releasing in January 2017. Oh…and a little tease, our cover for Book 5 is done and we will be doing a reveal sometime later this month!

One last note before my “short” post ends-we received another review of Once Lost Lords by lovely Hannah over at Paperback Reading and More. Please check it out!

Enjoy your morning 😉


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