Show Review: Adam Ruins Everything

Tomorrow I’ll probably do a status update for NaNoWiMo or what have you. It’s going well I think – but that’s a tomorrow update. For today – a review that isn’t a book (Though I have a few of those I’m working on) but something else…


Adam Ruins Everything isn’t a book, movie, or video game. This is an actual TV show that manages to be The Magic School Bus meets Myth Busters for short-attention-span adults—complete with all sorts of awkwardly entertaining humor. If that doesn’t paint a clear picture, I’ll keep trying. Replace the teacher / bus driver with a Pokémon Pidgeotto hairdo (an actual insult from the show – I’m not that clever, I mean look at his picture) and instead of school children we have a cast of shifting ‘everyday people’ who get volun-told into Adam’s television show.

Read more here.

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