Black Friday weekend Amazon giveaway! Fire Tablet 7″ 8 GB. Oh and a cover reveal…


Isn’t she pretty? It’s simple but fitting. This is the fifth and final book of the Continue Online series and is due to be released January ’17 (date TBD).

I know I promised this giveaway in December but I figured what better time to have a giveaway than during Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend! This way we can give out a lot more than we would have been able to do in December.

We are giving away TEN Fire Tablets – 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB!!! Because you’ll want something fancy to read your Continue Online books on… right, right? 🙂



You get a fire table and you get a fire tablet ohhhhhhhhhh!


Enter the giveaway here!


We also have plenty of books in the giveaways which you can find the links for HERE! The sale is still going on HERE! Please reblog, tweet, facebook, Google+ etc….sharing is caring!


Time for Amazon Giveaways! 25 copies each of Continue Online books 1-4!


Hi guys, Samantha here! First off, Happy belated Thanksgiving, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday, we’ve been super busy so I apologize for not having posted 😉 I usually make a crustless pumpkin pie (I am low carb) but this year I went with a delicious looking Pumpkin Spice brownies and they came out awesome so I thought I’d share with you lol!



Pumpkin Spice Brownies I made!


Okay, now for the good stuff!

As promised by Stephan earlier, the giveaways are now live, you’ll have a chance to win Continue Online books 1-4, we are giving away 25 copies of each book! The links below will take you to each giveaway, good luck, everyone! Oh and PLEASE share the giveaways on Facebook/Twitter etc… it would be super appreciated!

Continue Online Book 1 Memories Giveaway Link

Continue Online Book 2 Made Giveaway Link

Continue Online Book 3 Realities Giveaway Link

Continue Online Book 4 Crash Giveaway Link

Did you win? Please come back and let us know in the comments! Feel free to leave any comments and share whatever you’re feeling today, anyone Black Friday shopping? I missed out on the PS4 bundle deals and I’m so mad 😦 but it’s probably for the best haha!

Black Friday Sales & Give Aways


Hey guys, I’m truly sorry, I had no idea I could set up a Kindle countdown deal in both the U.S. Amazon and markets, I genuinely thought once I had used a countdown on one it would restrict the other, but thanks to a comment from one of our readers I checked and it allowed me to set up the countdown for books 1-3 in the market as of 11/27 12:00 am GMT and will run through 12/01 12:00 am GMT. For some reason it won’t allow me to start book 4’s deal until December 11th (Amazon’s rules, I guess?) so that one will run from 12/11 12:00 am GMT – 12/14 12:00 am GMT.

Once again I apologize for my error, at least I know better for future deals 😦


Continue Online as a series is going on sale this weekend for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Here’s the page my wife whipped together if you’re interested in catching my LitRPG books for sale at $0.99 each.

Take a gander and support an author!

If you’ve already purchased the books and read through them, please consider leaving a review. Every single review helps.

Continue Online Books 1-4 on sale for $0.99 each!

Stay tuned for give aways as well.

200+ WordPress Followers! Let’s celebrate with four Amazon Giveaways!

Woh, woh, woh.

My wife gave away stuff, and people landed on it. Those of you viewing this post late – sorry. The cards are gone. Check the bottom out for a heads up on my book sales which will occur from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Sales!

The original message is below.


Hi guys, Samantha here! So yay Stephan has over 200 WP followers that means it’s time to give away some gift cards! I wasn’t sure what kind people would be interested in so I picked a couple I would enjoy receiving (because who doesn’t love cheesecake amiright?).

Stephan and I want to thank both WordPress and email followers, those who have been here from the start and those who have recently followed the blog, thank you all so much! Below are the links for each Amazon giveaway, feel free to share with your friends and family. Good luck!


$25 AMC Theatre Gift Card

$25 Regal Entertainment Gift Card

$25 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

$25 Starbucks Gift Card

Also…those of you who love Black Friday and Cyber Monday(like me, I love deals!) but are skipping the stores this year and shopping online will be happy to know all 4 published Continue Online books will be $0.99 each starting 12:00 am PST 11/25 on Amazon and will run all the way through Cyber Monday so mark your calendars now 🙂

Did you win a gift card? Come back and let us know! Feel free to comment and share!

Book Review: Serenity (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 1) by Craig A. Hart

My book review for the week, Serenity is a fiction story involved a former ‘fixer’ who moves to a small town to retire and gets embroiled in more than fishing…



Serenity starts off calmly and with ideas everyone can relate to; growing older, family issues, and a coffee addiction. The main character—Shelby—isn’t altruistic by any means—but moved to a small town to retire from his rough livelihood and wants to slow down. Life doesn’t care and after opening thoughts—a local drug lord’s sister dies in our protagonist’s house.

Continue reading here.

Book Review: Seeking Dr. Magic by Scott Spotson

My book review for the week, an interesting ‘what-if’ collision between a modern detective and a person with phenomenal magic abilities.


Seeking Dr. Magic combines two different characters – a forcibly retired government detective and an extremely powerful man-child who never grew up. The fiction is an interesting ‘what-if’ tale told through a sort of side character (at least that’s how it felt). The short version is a detective is trying to uncover the mystery of a man with reality warping powers – and figure out what that person wants. There’s a mix of humor, sleuthing, and power tripping that is well written and gripping – but only occasionally.

Read more here.

Ramble Added – National Novel Writing Month

Today – instead of a simple post update – I’m going to ramble about my ‘National Novel Writing Month’ project. I’m doing this because maybe it’ll help someone else if they ever decide to try a challenge like this one. Also – because I rediscovered .gif files – I may insert amusing links to animations around the world to entertain myself and perhaps you.


Writing a full book that makes sense (and is sane) isn’t easy. To help share some lessons learned from last year that I’m working on applying this year – a ramble of the following…

  • A point.
  • A preaching to about that point
  • A ‘too long didn’t read’ about that point
  • And what the hell I’m trying to do this year to fix what I screwed up last year

Read More Here

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