Flashback Friday – 10 Years Ago /MEEP!



Hi everyone, Samantha here!

So I know generally it’s Throwback Thursday… but since I missed that and hubby posted his Fiasco chapter yesterday I thought I’d “invent” (lol) “Flashback Friday.”

10 years ago I was very much into AMVs – anime music videos – there was something magical about pairing the right song to clips of animes to create a story within a story. Because I was so inspired by others’ videos I ventured into AMV making territory, I loved it, but it was and is time-consuming.

I made a grand total of 3 AMVs, unfortunately, only 1 survived YouTube because of copyright issues (I tried to contact the creator of the anime in question, but it’s hard when you can only find the contact info in Japanese and I can’t read or write the language – I sent an email to the closest related area and never received a response). I know it’s an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly-I honestly only did the videos because I loved the animes and basically wanted to make a fan video. I did not and do not profit from this video.

Anywho… the one that survived is still on YouTube today, if you’d like to see the silly video (I’m actually quite proud of it hehe) you can click here – Tenchi Muyo AMV by yours truly. Or you can search YouTube by typing in Tenchi Muyo AMV-Easier to Run (Did I mention I was into anime and apparently Linkin Park? lol)

I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Also, don’t be shy and leave a comment at the bottom of this post, tell me what you think of the video and share a flashback of your own!


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – 10 Years Ago /MEEP!

    1. FelissaEly

      lol oh no! I hate when that happens-more recently it was a book and I’ve tried describing some scenes from it in hopes that my husband had read it and would remember, but it was a bust ;( If only the pills from Limitless were reality…without the horrible side-effects of course haha.

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