Book Review: Gino’s Law: For Every Action There’s an Overreaction by Candace Williams

Hey all, time for another new review, I read ‘Gino’s Law’ it’s a great little mystery book with humor throughout.51jqjssrrfl

Gino’s Law took a few chapters to really grab me before I realized this was a game of Clue set in Texas. Okay, it’s not quite Clue – but it’s still a murder mystery that is forced upon the main character by naming him the primary suspect.

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  1. Thanks very much for your review, Stephen! “Gino’s Law” was a lot of fun for me to write because so much of it was, well, quirky. I mean, antler fu? LOL

    So, your mother is an astrologer?

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    • She’s a big fan of I-Ching and Star alignments. It made me laugh reading Anthony going on about birthdays and planet alignments because it sounded familiar.

      I’ll be posting it to Amazon here in a bit – my wife took care of the blog post earlier today (she keeps me on track).

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      • Oh, you mean Howard, not Anthony. He was another fun character I enjoyed writing.

        Hey, it’s great that your wife is such a help. My hubs is also a keeper. 🙂

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      • I’m sorry, names often blend together in my head. I can barely keep my own characters straight – most likely because I’ve read too much over the years. If I mixed anything up in the review please let me know! I don’t mind re-reading and adjusting the text however is needed to keep facts straight.

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