Rambling About Covers

For those new to my site – occasionally I drop out rambles that are essentially my take on various issues. Be it writing a book, or site stats, or in this case – book covers. They’re typically casual, meander a bit, and try to cite examples. They are not reviews or actual fiction.

So here it is…

My Struggle with Book Covers


Book Review: A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles Book 1) by Alyssa Drake

My book review for the week, historical romance with a little bit of suspense and murder.



A Perfect Plan opens with a strong twitch inducing murder scene that implies layers of intrigue followed by more deaths. Key details are rapidly formed including; 19th-century timeline, a female lead, a gaggle of adorable brats and the scheming widowed sister who simply refused to let tomboyish Sam make it to twenty-two without a man at her beck and call.

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Flashback Friday – 10 Years Ago /MEEP!



Hi everyone, Samantha here!

So I know generally it’s Throwback Thursday… but since I missed that and hubby posted his Fiasco chapter yesterday I thought I’d “invent” (lol) “Flashback Friday.”

10 years ago I was very much into AMVs – anime music videos – there was something magical about pairing the right song to clips of animes to create a story within a story. Because I was so inspired by others’ videos I ventured into AMV making territory, I loved it, but it was and is time-consuming.

I made a grand total of 3 AMVs, unfortunately, only 1 survived YouTube because of copyright issues (I tried to contact the creator of the anime in question, but it’s hard when you can only find the contact info in Japanese and I can’t read or write the language – I sent an email to the closest related area and never received a response). I know it’s an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly-I honestly only did the videos because I loved the animes and basically wanted to make a fan video. I did not and do not profit from this video.

Anywho… the one that survived is still on YouTube today, if you’d like to see the silly video (I’m actually quite proud of it hehe) you can click here – Tenchi Muyo AMV by yours truly. Or you can search YouTube by typing in Tenchi Muyo AMV-Easier to Run (Did I mention I was into anime and apparently Linkin Park? lol)

I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Also, don’t be shy and leave a comment at the bottom of this post, tell me what you think of the video and share a flashback of your own!


Book Review: Gino’s Law: For Every Action There’s an Overreaction by Candace Williams

Hey all, time for another new review, I read ‘Gino’s Law’ it’s a great little mystery book with humor throughout.51jqjssrrfl

Gino’s Law took a few chapters to really grab me before I realized this was a game of Clue set in Texas. Okay, it’s not quite Clue – but it’s still a murder mystery that is forced upon the main character by naming him the primary suspect.

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Do you ever…?

Do you ever get a nagging sensation to share your thoughts?

I’ve been toying with posting for the past few days because I’m super thrilled on what’s to come regarding the Continue Online series; professional editing and the release of the final book to Amazon in early January.

The edits for Continue Book 2 arrived this morning and I literally felt as though it was Christmas morning. Our editor does absolutely amazing work and seeing a shiny, improved manuscript is the best present ever! (I know, I’m a weirdo!)

I’ll make a post announcing when the manuscript has been updated to Amazon so those of you who have the old edition can send a request to Amazon to unlock the update for the new version. Books 3, 4 and 5 are scheduled for editing beginning in November.

Also in vaguely Continue Online related news-Stephan shared his revamp of First Re:Guards (tentatively renamed Wayward Online and has 5 books plotted for the series) I read the opening chapter and I was hooked… it was that good and it was only the first draft! You may think I’m biased-being his wife and all-but I had to slog through the first chapter of First Re:Guards, I didn’t enjoy it… however, Wayward Online, has serious potential.  I can’t wait for him to begin writing it in earnest.

The last bit of news in this already long winded post… to celebrate Continue Online Book 5’s release and all the support from our incredible readers who’ve stuck with Stephan from the start-I’m planning an exciting Amazon giveaway in December! You don’t want to miss it, it’s going to be huge! I will make a post closer to the giveaway date as it is only going to be a one day giveaway with LOTS of winners!

If you read this far-thank you, the nagging has now been put to rest. I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to comment with any of your own upcoming and exciting news!


Book Review: Savaged Lands by Lana Kortchik

New book review today, definitely a solid read. Take a look.


Savaged Lands contains a lot of different elements. There’s budding romance, wartime fear, and characters who long to simply return to peaceful times and their homes. Throughout all this is a clear overview of what war does to people’s lives. Not the detached sort of war seen on a television screen video game, but the kind that tears at every aspect of a community. In demonstrating a real war’s travesty, ‘Savaged Lands’ is right on the mark.

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