Book Review: A Time To Tour Ghost City by Anjum Choudhury


There were moments I liked A Time to Tour Ghost City a lot. It felt like reading a different take on early Indiana Jones movies. There was a little bit of action, romance, and treasure hunting in a foreign country packed into the story. I enjoyed the clear disconnect when dealing with people speaking other languages—that felt real. There was a fun scene where they escape from what might have been Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

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Once Lost Lords – Royal Scales Book 1 Review by Jeyran Main


Hi guys, Samantha here!

So Stephan is a little behind on posting a new Fiasco chapter and I know he has another book review to write in the works, this week has been demanding on him so he hasn’t had time to dedicate to writing. Instead, I thought I would share a review done by a really sweet lady named Jeyran. Here’s a short snippet from her review:

The battles were epic and the fights very pleasantly explained. Stephan Morse’s art in literature is superb. He writes in such a manner that you can effortlessly visualize the scenes in your head. I believe this skill is something not many writers have, and I congratulate him for his talent.

Read the rest on her blog – Review Tales and I think the coolest part is she did an audio review, you can LISTEN to the review, how awesome is that?

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No Game Review Today, ReBlog of another Author’s writing process

Hey guys, Samantha here! So I’m kind of cheating today, I had told Stephan I would schedule posting one game review a week but the truth is there aren’t any games I’ve played recently (other than Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft) and even then it’s not a whole lot of time spent on those games as I’m taking care of our almost 5-year-old and our 5-week-old.

Instead, I’d like to share a post by Chantelle Atkins from her blog that I truly enjoyed reading and I think writers and readers alike will appreciate seeing her writing process as an author. It’s Not Done…Until It’s Done!

I often get asked how I know when the book I’m working on is finished. If you’ve been following my struggles with The Tree of Rebels, you will know that I have now lost count of the amo…

Source: It’s Not Done…Until It’s Done!

No Chapter, Two Reviews, Facebook Groups, and News

First off, my chapter today made it to about 2/3’s complete but isn’t finished. This is in part due to getting back into the groove of work, a newborn, and waking up again. In short, my brain wasn’t able to power through it in time.

I have however completed two more reviews. Both of these are not in the ‘LitRPG’ genre but may interest some. They’re both fairly good for the topics they cover. Take a look, if you’re interested.

Otherwise, the next chapter will hopefully be up this weekend, but might be Tuesday instead. I’m struggling to find balance with the newborn. Also, I’m about to review a TV series that I find absolutely awesome – cus I believe it deserves the shout out, however small my crowd may be.


Check out my review of John A. Heldt’s September Sky (Time Travel , Romance)




Review for Keys to the Kingdom (YA, fantasy)



Also, I will mention here that there are at least three LitRPG facebooks groups for those interested. I’m part of all three and for the most part they’re good peoples. Each one is run by a different person or team, so flavor of content may vary a little. It’s a good place to find other recommendations if you liked Continue Online and want to see more from the genre.

Final bit – I’ve reapproached First RE:Guards, and started penciling out an entire series around it – much like I did for Continue Online. I’m tentatively thinking five books with the completely revamped content – the current ‘version’ would be reworked and fixed to span two books or so instead of rushing through and barely being one garbled mess. So that project will start late next year I think, at the latest. It’s still being bounced around as a real story….(And if I show you the list of planned content for only the current series you may defecate yourself, I think I’m crazy.)

Also, the wife redid the page. It looks new at least, I like most of it – but it’s late and I’m tired. I’ll be redoing some of the posts and maybe adding in filler pages as I solidify my writing game plans. There’ll be a few rambles up about book 4, 5, the editing process, average decline in Amazon sales (generalized numbers for other authors to compare with, etc.)


Rune Factory 4 – Game Review

Hey guys, Samantha here, just wanted to share that I FINALLY did another game recommendation/review, it’s an oldie but a goodie!

I know this is an older game (released October 1, 2013 in the U.S.) however it is a goodie still! It has massive replay value which is important since the company that created/made…

Source: Rune Factory 4 – Game Review

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